Productive and economic performance of different a genotype of lambs finished in feedlot

SUMMARY The objective of this research was to evaluate the performance and gross profit margin of feedlot lambs of different genotypes feedlot. Thirty kids non-castrated were used, being 10 Dorper x undefined breed, 10 Santa Inês x undefined breed and 10 undefined breed, with an average of 150 days of age and average weight of 19.31± 2.6 kg gat baseline, feedlot for 63 days. We used a total mixed ration containing 15.5% crude protein and 2.58 Mcal / kg DM. The genotypes of crossbred lambs Dorper and Santa Inês obtained better results than the final weight, with higher body development during the period of feedlot. No difference was observed between the intake of dry matter and water of genotypes. The total weight gains, feed conversion and daily suffered genotype influence the crossbred lambs Santa Inês and Dorper behaved similarly. The crossbred lambs of Dorper undefined breed had greater final body. The crossbred lambs Dorper x undefined breed and Santa Ines x SPRD are recommended for termination in confinement, with similar biological and economic performance, and a meat production alternative in the semiarid Northeast.