Profile of medical students in the first group of the Faculdade Israelita de Ciências da Saúde Albert Einstein

ABSTRACT Objective: To describe first medical students' profile of the Faculdade Israelita de Ciências da Saúde Albert Einstein. Methods: Data were collected using an electronic questionnaire during the Biostatistics course in August of 2016. The students were inquired about demographic characteristics, data on their secondary education and college entrance exams, practice of physical exercise, leisure activities done, to have a physician in the family, and specialty that they intended to pursue as a career. Results: Most of the students were women aged 18 to 21 years and who were originally from the state of São Paulo, had received secondary education in a private school, took a course to prepare for college entrance exam, and participated in more than 5 college entrance exams in the same year they entered in the School of Medicine. The majority of participants practiced physical exercise regularly and were engaged in common leisure activities. Most of students (58%) had a physician in the family and more than half (52%) did not know which specialty to pursue as career. There was no association between relationship with a physician and the student's choice of a specialty (p=0.390). Conclusion: Although it was the first group of student of School of Medicine at Faculdade Israelita de Ciências da Saúde Albert Einstein who took a different admission process, our data showed that students' profile is similar to students from other colleges.