Prospects of the Bioceanic Highroad Crossing for Local Development in the state of MS: the case of Porto Murtinho

Abstract: This article is about the Bioceanic Highroad Crossing, promoting how such a route can contribute to the local development of Mato Grosso do Sul, more specifically in the city of Porto Murtinho, in the perspective of tourism development. The work is based initially on the impacts of the great work of the binational bridge between Porto Murtinho in Brazil and the twin city Carmelo Peralta in Paraguay. Subsequently, as theoretical basis, we will deal with route concepts for benchmarking, referring to other Latin American integration routes such as San Juan, La Rioja and Coquimbo. In the final part of the article, we will discuss public policies in the context of MS from the viability of the bioceanic corridor. The methodology used will be bibliographical, bibliometric and documentary research on the themes related to the main theme and the results are partial about the impacts that the Route will cause in the municipality of Porto Murtinho.