Quality & finality: characteristics of Brazilian bioethics

2017-12-20T02:45:36Z (GMT) by Dora Porto

Abstract This paper considers the 25 years of publication of Revista Bioética. In addition to outlining the current status of the journal, it will discuss the criteria currently used for measuring the quality of scientific publications, considering the specific nature of this field of study and research, and particularly theoretical aspects focused on the Brazilian reality. As a transdisciplinary field, bioethics permeates several areas of knowledge, encompassing the Biomedical Sciences, Law, Philosophy and Social Sciences in order to respond to conflicts and impasses related to life and health. As a result, the consolidation of Bioethics in Brazil should be considered a gradual process, which covers both professional training in a broad and narrow sense, as well as its insertion as a transversal discipline in Health and Law degrees and related areas that can benefit from bioethical reflection.