Quantification of Waste Produced in the Gurupi, TO Lumber Industry

ABSTRACT The study was conducted in the city of Gurupi, Tocantins State, in order to quantify the waste generated by industries in the lumber sector. Large, medium and small companies of the furniture and frames industry of were selected. The company size was determined by the number of employees from each company. Direct measurements of the length, width and thickness of the pieces were performed. Chips, fragments smaller than 10 cm wide, and cutouts fragments larger than 10 cm width were considered for measurements and sawdust was measured with aid of a box of known volume. Within one month, the company fabricating frames produced a total of 32.23 m3 of waste, while the large company produced 15.44 m3, the medium-size company produced 10.95 m3, and the small company produced 8.68 m3 of waste.