Rap in Science and Technology Teaching

2019-05-08T03:00:32Z (GMT) by João Paulo Ganhor

Abstract: In teaching and research activities, we have pointed out the need to think about the specificities of Scientific and Technological Education in urban peripheries. In this paper, we reflect on the relevance of Rap. We will try to answer the following questions: what possibilities of constructing meanings about Science-Technology-Society (STS) can be triggered by Rap? Can they favour displacements of meanings that contribute to transformative education? We conducted a search into Rap song groups for referents linked to STS and their interrelationships with the social groups. As a theoretical-methodological reference, we adopted the inspiration of French Discourse Analysis (DA) as preconized by Michel Pêcheux and readings emerging from STS Studies. Eight Themes have been proposed that illustrate the possibilities triggered by the work. We hope that this will be a rich material for the elaboration of more grounded pedagogical practices.