Recovery potencial of recyclables at a large residential condominium in São Caetano do Sul

ABSTRACT This paper aims at evaluating the potential recovery of recyclable materials at a large vertical residential condominium located in the municipality of São Caetano do Sul, state of São Paulo, Brazil. A survey on the waste management and the building facilities was conducted. Interviews with the governing board of the condominium and with the institute responsible for segregating recyclables were carried out, together with questionnaires applied to residents. The main challenge during this survey was the frequency and quality of internal communication for information and awareness, including both residents and respective domestic staff. As positive aspects, the convenience for disposal of recyclables by the residents; favorable conditions for the recyclables market, and presence of suitable location for storing segregated recyclables at the condominium were identified. It was found that the recovered materials were 13.7% of all recyclables present in domestic waste. This study showed that the selective collection of solid waste in residential condominiums is vulnerable owing to the lack of effective promoting and mobilization actions, as well lack of local administration decisions.