Relationship between quality and financial indicators: a study in a hospital network of the third sector of South Brazil

Abstract Background Hospital management is a complex area of administration since it has an organizational set where all sectors are interdependent and work at the same time. One of the main goals of these organizations is to provide quality services with the resources available to continuously improve the quality of services through improvements in the environment. Objective To analyze the relationship between economic and financial indicators with hospital quality indices. Method This is a descriptive, documentary and quantitative study based on the third sector hospitals in the south of the country. Management, nursing, and hospitalization reports are used for the quality indicators and the financial statements for the financial indicators. Univariate statistical tests (descriptive and Pearson correlation) were used for the analysis. Results The relationship between the indexes shows the existence of a significant correlation between the analyzed indicators, demonstrating which indicators should be observed by the hospital manager. Conclusion the more hospital entities providing a quality service, the greater the financial return, and therefore the greater the resources for investments to improve the quality of services.