Results of Scharioth macular lens implant in patients with age-related macular degeneration

Abstract Objective: To describe the outcomes in terms of near visual acuity and quality of life in 10 patients submitted to Scharioth Macular Lens implantation. Setting: João Eugênio Eye Institute, Brasilia, Brazil. Design: Uncontroled clinical trial. Methods: Ten pseudophakic patients with DMRI were submitted to the implantation of intraocular SML in the dominant eye in the period of December of 2017 to the March of 2018. All the patients had answered the Low-Vision Quality of Life Questionaire (LVQOLQ) before and after the surgery, with interval of 30 days. Results: The results points showed a statistical significant improvement (p<0.001) in the near visual acuity (NVA), without interference in the distance vision. All patients had significant improvements (p<0,05) in LVQOLQ on the item that evaluates the near visual acuity. Conclusion: There was an improvement of NVA in all 10 patients, as well as an enhancement to the quality of life in the postoperative period when compared to the preoperative period.