Reverberations of learning by Math teachers in a borderland community between university-school

2018-09-05T02:45:11Z (GMT) by Vanessa Moreira Crecci Dario Fiorentini

ABSTRACT This article focuses on teacher learning in a borderland community between school and university, which brings together teachers from the school, teacher trainers, future teachers and researchers interested in discussing and investigating practices of teaching and learning mathematics. A special attention is given to the reverberations of this learning in the professional development of the teachers, especially regarding changes in their practices. Besides discussing the concepts of situated learning, professional development and reverberation, we bring to the analysis the case of Roberto, a teacher who participated in a teaching community with borderland characteristics. The methodology of this study was based on narrative research, which comprises a three-dimensional process of production and analysis of research and field texts, involving temporality, personal and social interactions and the place (scenario) where the phenomenon to be investigated and narrated is situated. The study also analyzed Roberto's professional development. The results showed that his participation and reification within the borderland community reverberated in his practice at school, producing different understandings about teaching and learning mathematics, as well as designing another way of being a teacher and developing professionally.