Rice seeds vigor through image processing of seedlings

ABSTRACT: The aim of this paper was to verify the viability of digital image processing in the measurement of rice seedling and its potential use as seed vigor test. The experiment took place at the Laboratório Didático de Análise de Sementes, located in Capão do Leão (RS), using seeds of eight rice cultivars: Irga 424, Puitá Inta CL, BRS Esmeralda, SCS 116, Guri Inta CL, BRS Pampa, BRSGO Serra Dourada and Olimar. An image processing system (IPS) was used to measure length and area of shoot and root as an index of seed vigor in rice seeds. The experiment design was completely randomized with five replications. The evaluated variables were root and shoot length in graded ruler and by image, root and shoot area, and field emergence. Results obtained with the IPS were correlated with other quality tests though the Pearson tests. Determination of shoot length and leaf area of the seedlings obtained through IPS is effective for assessing the vigor of rice seeds.