Risk analysis applied to sewage disinfection: the case of the Sewage Treatment Plant of São José do Rio Preto (SP)

2018-09-26T02:42:03Z (GMT) by Marcelo Montaño Caio Reimann Kramer

ABSTRACT Risk analysis allows for the identification of social and individual risks following the installation, operation or decommissioning of a hazardous activity, taking into account the probability of occurrence and the extension of damages. Sewage Treatment Plants with disinfection systems must be informed by a risk analysis in order to integrate social and environmental conflicts in decision-making. Therefore, it is relevant to assess the potential to cause relevant damage caused by failures in equipment or security devices that could lead to leakages and/or explosions. In this sense, the present paper discuss the results of a risk assessment applied to the Sewage Treatment Plant of São Jose do Rio Preto (SP). The results show the relevance of risk analysis in defining the locational alternative and the associated security measures applied to risk and conflict management, considering the plant itself, the environment and neighboring population.