Roll Bonding of Steel Net-Reinforced Aluminium Strips

The present study is dedicated to the experimental determination of strain parameters at rolling of aluminium matrix with inserted wire netting. Two types of stainless steel fabric netting with different orientation to the rolling axis were placed between two aluminium strips and hot rolled. The rolling temperature and reduction were varied to achieve the sound bonding between the matrix layers and steel net. During the study, the following main investigations were made: strain on areas of longitudinal and transverse cross sections of the composite was measured; stretching and ovalization of net wiring and changes in the net cell angles were determined; mechanical properties of composites along the rolling direction were tested. The experiments were summarized by following contradiction: the contact pressure, required for the bonding of aluminium layers, produces extreme tensile strain on the inserted wires, reducing the mechanical properties of the reinforcing net and, consequently, reducing the properties of the entire composite. Strips with diagonally oriented reinforcing net showed the best results in the longitudinal tension tests.