Rule curve for seasonal increasing of water concessions in reservoirs with low regularized discharges

ABSTRACT Regions with high hydrological variability are usually supplied by reservoirs that regularize discharges inter-annually, with low discharge of regularization, seasonally subject to large overflow and evaporation losses in their periods of high water levels. The Brazilian semiarid is one of such regions. This work looks at the possibility of using water that would be evaporated and/or spilled, in regions with such characteristics, to supply demands that would not be otherwise provided by the maximum legally allowed withdrawal discharge. The proposed method was applied to the operation of a large reservoir, located in the semiarid region of Brazil. Through simulation of the water budget and optimization, a rule curve was developed for reservoir operation for achieving the maximum exploitable reservoir withdrawal in rainy periods. The results show that it is possible to use the excess water in periods of large inflows with no damage to water supply during dry periods.