SAPL®: a free software for determining the physiological potential in soybean seeds1

ABSTRACT Obtaining image-based information is a powerful approach to capture and quantify seed vigor data. However, commercial systems that facilitate the processing and acquisition of images are often cost prohibitive. This study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of the Seedling Analysis System (Sistema de Análise de Plântulas - SAPL®), in order to analyze the physiological potential of soybean seeds, in comparison with the information provided by vigor tests which are traditionally recommended for this species. Nine lots of soybean seeds were submitted to germination, germination speed, seedling emergence, cold test and electrical conductivity tests. In the SAPL® analyzes, seedlings of four and six days, counted from the beginning of the germination test, were evaluated, resulting in values for seedling length, growth, development uniformity, vigor index and corrected vigor index. The evaluated lots with emergence greater than 90 % showed a vigor index higher than 600 and 800, respectively in the fourth and sixth days. The indexes generated by SAPL®, except for the uniformity index, presented positive and high correlations with the traditional tests (> 0.80). SAPL® is efficient in identifying differences in the vigor of soybean seed lots.