Scale for Assessment of Beliefs about the Program More Doctors

Abstract This research aimed to create an instrument for assessing the effectiveness of the Programa Mais Médicos (PMM Program More Doctors), verifying the perceptions of a national non-probabilistic stratified sample of 643 Brazilians. Factor analysis was performed on the scale and the PMM assessment data were analyzed using descriptive, bivariate and multivariate statistics. The Principal Components method, indicating best psychometric values and theoretical explanation, with varimax rotation, structured the 35 items of dichotomous scale into 2 factors, which explain 56.92% of the total variance: “Structural and organizational aspects of the Programa Mais Médicos” (α = 0.96) and “The role of doctors in the Programa Mais Médicos” (α = 0.74). It is also contemplated that the effectiveness of PMM was negatively assessed. These findings reveal that the instrument is useful for evaluation of PMM, still short of instruments in the literature for its evaluation, and can be properly used in future studies.