Scale of Giftedness and Talent Identification: Internal Structural and Consistency

Abstract The study aimed to analyze the reliability and the evidences of validity based on the internal structure of the Scale of Giftedness and Talent Identification (Escala de Identificação de Dotação e Talento - EIDT). The EIDT is answered by teachers of 4th, 5th and 6th years of elementary school, including 16 teachers who evaluated 433 students. The results indicated that 54.8% of the variance was explained. Exploratory factor analysis was used for the final version of the scale, which was composed of 55 items divided into three factors: 42 items in Factor 1, intellectual abilities, social abilities and creativity; seven in factor 2, psychomotor abilities and six in factor 3, artistic abilities. The Cronbach’s alpha for the total scale was 0.97. Factor 1 showed an alpha of 0.97, factor 2 of 0.89, and factor 3 of 0.83. It highlights the need for additional studies including the confirmatory factor analysis and the establishment of standards.