Seedling Morphology and Control of Pathogens in Seeds of Cordia trichotoma

This paper aims to describe the morphological development of seedlings of Cordia trichotoma, determine the influence of seed and substrate treatments in reducing the incidence of pathogens, and evaluate seed germination. A sanity test was performed using a 2×4 two-factor design (two types of processing and four seed treatment methods). The germination test represented a 2×4×3 three-factor design (two types of processing, four seed treatments, and three substrates). Germination started on the 18th day after the test was implemented for both samples. The seeds are of epigeous germination with phanerocotyledonous seedlings. The germination rate of seeds is higher when the whole perianth is removed, regardless of the substrate and treatment used. Treatment with Captan® reduced the fungal incidence of the genera Alternaria spp., Trichoderma spp., Rhizopus spp.