Short-term effects of byproduct amendments and lime on physicochemical and microbiological properties of acidic soil from Jiaodong Peninsula of China

ABSTRACT: The influences of byproduct amendments, containing silicon, calcium, magnesium and potassium, on acidic soil quality in Jiaodong Peninsula of China had been studied and compared with that of lime through monitoring physicochemical properties and enzyme activities of acidic soil over a 120-day period. Byproduct amendments (1125, 2250, 4500 and 9000 kg ha-1) and lime 2250 kg ha-1 was applied in the acidic soil. Results showed that both byproduct amendments and lime significantly increased the pH, EC and enzyme activities of soil. The by-product amendments inhibited microbial biomass carbon and soil respiration. Nevertheless, the lime-treated soil had a much more higher level of CO2 emission than the by-product amendments-treated soil. Compared to the by-product amendments-treated soil, the lime-treated soil had the higher pH, peroxidase activity, phenol oxidase activity and invertase activity. Therefore, lime might be a better choice over by-product amendments to improve chemical and biological properties of the acidic soil in Jiaodong Peninsula of China. For soils lacking available calcium and magnesium, the mixture of 4500 kg ha-1 amendments and 2250 kg ha-1 lime was recommend to treat the soil.