Soil management and application of agricultural gypsum in a Planosol for soybean cultivation

posted on 29.11.2017 by Enio Marchesan, Felipe Tonetto, Gustavo Mack Teló, Lucas Lopes Coelho, Bruno Behenck Aramburu, Vinicius Severo Trivisiol

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the effects of soil management systems, tillage, and application of gypsum agricultural to soil, on soybean development in lowland areas. The experiment was carried out on an Alfisol in a randomized complete block design in a factorial arrangement. The two soil tillage practices were without deep tillage and with deep tillage. Gypsum treatments were no gypsum application, 500kg of gypsum ha-1, 1000kg of gypsum ha-1, and 1500kg of gypsum ha-1. Deep tillage resulted in less soil resistance to root penetration during ryegrass cultivation during the soybean offseason, 11 months after applying the management treatments, resulting in higher dry mass of ryegrass in the offseason and higher soybean yield in the following year.