Soil patterns and foliar standards for two cocoa clones in the States of Espírito Santo and Bahia, Brazil

ABSTRACT: The objective of this research was to establish soil patterns and foliar standards for clonal crops of cocoa CCN51 and PS1319 in the Atlantic regions within the northern Espírito Santo and southern Bahia States. Samples were collected from September to October 2015, in 45 high productive plots, being 23 plots of clone CCN51 and 22 of clone PS1319. Sufficiency ranges for soil and foliar standards were recommended for cocoa clones CCN51 and PS1319 planted in the Northern Espírito Santo and Southern Bahia states. Differences in the contents of foliar macronutrients K, Ca, Mg, S and micronutrients Fe and Mn, were verified between clones CCN51 and PS1319. Differences reported for standards from different geographical regions confirmed that these standards need to be regional and specific for different cocoa clones.