Speech Cited in the Textual Macrostructure of Scientific Articles of Young Researchers

2018-12-26T03:49:53Z (GMT) by José Cezinaldo Rocha Bessa

Abstract: This article examines the speech quoted in scientific articles of young researchers, observing the use of this linguistic and discursive mechanism given the organization and distribution of information in the textual macrostructure. This work is based on studies of the Bakhtin Circle and works in the Swales perspective. Privileging a qualitative approach and an analysis of interpretative nature, the investigation includes a review of 10 scientific articles of master's students of the Language and Linguistics areas. The analysis confirms that forms and purposes of usage of quoted speech in scientific articles of young researchers inevitably suffer strong determination of the section of the article in which they are mobilized, but also if the personal way the producer selects and organizes information in his text, revealing a complex and tense relationship between the style of the speech genre and the individual style of the producer.