Standardization of the duty shift in a General Adult Intensive Care Unit

ABSTRACT Objective: To standardize the duty shift in a General Adult Intensive Care Unit. Method: Multi-method research, which used action research, descriptive study and content validation. Participants included 11 care nurses and 4 intensive care nurses. For the data collection, a semi-structured questionnaire was used, meetings with participants and validation with specialists. In this step, the modified online Delphi Technique was used. For data treatment, the Discourse of the Collective Subject (DCS) was used, descriptive analysis and Content Validity Index. Results: Three DCS on duty change, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and an information registration instrument, validated in appearance, clarity, suitability and content. Final considerations: The instrument assists in the transmission of information, strengthening patient safety and SOP will outline the shift, these tools can improve ICU shift, minimizing the risks of communication failure.