Strategic evaluation of the Food and Nutrition Security Plan of the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

ABSTRACT Objective A strategic analysis was carried out in order to verify the relevance of the Food and Nutrition Security Plan of the state of Santa Catarina to the Brazilian concept of Food and Nutrition Security. Methods A matrix containing 7 dimensions, 16 sub-dimensions and 35 indicators was used for the evaluation, which were evaluated as poor, regular, good and excellent for each component. Results The Plan was evaluated as being of good relevance to its objective. However, it was only relevant to 53% of the analyzed dimensions, and the dimension of promoting universal access to adequate food had the worst result. The dimensions of developing permanent processes of education, research and training, and of evaluation and monitoring, obtained the best results, with the Plan being evaluated as of good relevance to these dimensions. Still, for half of the sub-dimensions and for 60% of the analyzed indicators, the Plan was evaluated as poor or regular. Conclusion It is hoped that the results of this research can qualify the Plan researched, as well as stimulate reflections for the construction of Plans in the other Brazilian states.