Study of composition of gaseous phase by FTIR. MoO3 chlorination in presence of sucrose carbon

ABSTRACT Chlorination and carbochlorination studies available in the literature were conducted using gravimetric and thermogravimetric techniques. These studies were focused on the overall reaction through analysis of the condensed reaction products, thermodynamic calculations and mass change generated during the reaction. The composition of the gaseous phase in a carbochlorination process is complex; CO, CO2, and COCl2 gases can be formed as well as metal chlorides and/or oxychlorides. In this study, the carbochlorination reaction of MoO3 was studied by IR spectroscopy. This technique allows online detection of gases generated during the reaction. The results obtained by FTIR and other complementary techniques indicated that MoO3 carbochlorination with sucrose carbon proceeds not only with formation of CO2, also CO and HClO were detected. Results proved the formation of a reaction intermediate between Cl2 and carbon surface.