Sunflower protein concentrate and crambe protein concentrate in diets for silver catfish Rhamdia quelen (Quoy and Gaimard, 1824): use as sustainable ingredients

Abstract The objective of this study was to evaluate growth and metabolic parameters of silver catfish fed with protein concentrates of sunflower meal (SMPC) and crambe meal (CrMPC). The study evaluated two levels of substitution, where 25 or 50% of animal protein was replaced with plant-based protein. A total of 300 silver catfish (14 ± 0.26 g) were used in five treatments and three replications, in fifteen 280-liter experimental units. The results were submitted to analysis of variance and the means of the control diet was compared to the remaining treatments by Dunnett’s test at 5% significance level. At the end of the trial, no differences were observed for the variables final weight and daily weight gain. However, minor feed conversion was observed in the groups Control and SMPC-25%. Metabolic parameters were analyzed in the plasma and liver, where no significant differences were found for any of the blood parameters analyzed. In the analyzed liver parameters (ammonia, protein, amino acids and ALAT), the liver protein content was lower in fish consuming SMPC-50%, CrMPC-50% and 25% CrMPC diets. The amino acids content was higher in fish receiving the SMPC-25% diet. It can be concluded that sunflower meal protein concentrate is better utilized by fish and more efficient metabolically than crambe meal. This study demonstrated that a newly developed protein concentrate SMPC and CrMPC can effectively replace 25% and 50% the animal protein in a diet free of FM.