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Supplier selection and evaluation model proposal for industrial maintenance based on Fuzzy-TOPSIS

posted on 29.05.2019, 02:46 by Lucas Daniel Del Rosso Calache, Carolina Belotti Pedroso, Francisco Rodrigues Lima Junior, Luiz César Ribeiro Carpinetti

Abstract: The stiff competition among supply chains has created the necessity of better supplier management and development practices. This paper purposes a model to evaluate and to select suppliers for industrial maintenance by applying a multi-criteria decision-making technique to categorize alternative suppliers. Fuzzy TOPSIS technique was applied to evaluate the criteria related to costs and reliability belonging to a proposed categorization matrix. A case study was carried out in a sugar-energy company, in which the proposed evaluation and selection model was applied to check the existing agricultural machinery maintenance alternatives. The results culminated in a tool to support the decision-making process, helping companies to decide whether to make their own maintenance or to outsource them. The proposed model can contribute to the selection of industrial maintenance suppliers since it provides background for better decision making.