Surface roughness of edge glued panels (EGP) of amazon maneged species

ABSTRACT In the Amazon, the sustainable use of wood is associated with technological research that indicates industrial use. Surface roughness of wood is an important criterion for assessing tool condition, machining performance and product quality. The objective of this study was to evaluate the surface roughness of five Amazonian woods used in the manufacture of EGP (Edge Glued Panels).The woods Angelim pedra, Angelim vermelho, Breu vermelho, Murici and Piãozinho, obtained from managed areas of the Amazon, were used in the manufacture of EGP panels. Surface treatments were performed with 120 and 180 grit sandpaper. Surface ripples (roughness) were measured using a digital roughness meter with needle (n = 180 readings). Physical and mechanical tests were performed on both wood and EGP samples, to verify the possible relationship between these properties and roughness. EGP Piãozinho presented better surface quality, which consists of lower roughness (lower surface wave height), while EGP Angelim pedra presented uneven surfaces. Surface quality was satisfactory when 120 grain sandpaper was applied to most products. The results showed a highly significant effect of roughness such as the physical-mechanical properties. The highlight of the study is the wood and EGP Piãozinho, because in all the tests, it always presented the best performances.