Surfing with James Joyce and Dorothy Lamour. Soundscapes, the Polynesian imaginary and the compositional process of Gilberto Mendes

2017-12-13T02:42:12Z (GMT) by Heloísa de Araújo Duarte Valente

Abstract In the work of Gilberto Mendes (1922-2016) there is an incessant practice of interfaces with the languages of cinema, literature, theater, advertising , among others. Polynesia, in its 1930s Hollywood representation is a frequent subject. This scene is constructed, from elements presented in the musical code, coming from Viennese aesthetics. Mendes will assimilate this aesthetic in his own work. In the 1950s, the culture of tiki pop emerges, as well as its soundscape created by Martin Denny. It is intended to point out the distant paradise transformations and the role of music in his composition.