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Sustainable Competitive Advantage Needs Green Human Resource Practices: A Framework for Environmental Management

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posted on 06.06.2018 by Lívia Almada, Renata Borges

Abstract The aim of this theoretical essay is to analyze the role of human resource (HR) management to achieve organizational sustainable competitive advantage (SCA), through the Natural Resource Based View (NRBV) perspective. We performed an exploratory-descriptive bibliographic research. We first provide key definitions to identify SCA, such as sustainability, sustainable development, and organizational sustainability. We then developed a theoretical framework integrating HR practices with NRBV strategies (pollution prevention, product stewardship, and sustainable development) in order to achieve SCA. As results, a set of propositions regarding HR management and sustainability are offered to be empirically analyzed in future research. The major contribution of this study is to offer an integrative framework of HR practices and NRBV strategies. This paper also adds value to managers by presenting ways to implement HR management for organizational sustainability achievement.