System electro-neutralizer of agrochemicals contained in food and water samples through electrons trap

Abstract This study presents a system to electro-neutralize agrochemicals in food and water samples based on the properties of a controlled electron trap, the related apparatus is protected under patent application (WO/2018/090110; INPI: BR 10 2016 0268486) / (PCT / BR 2017/050115). The efficacy of the system was verified as to the type, quantity, surface tension charge, temperature, pH and static energy loading of the electrolyte for both solid and liquid samples. It also took into consideration the retention and accumulation measurement of electric charges, verification of electrical potential differences and also accumulation by applying pulsed high voltage in according to the Daniell Cell method. The proposed technology is able to provide the electron-neutralization of acidic and alkaline chemicals and their toxic byproducts by modifying the pH of the liquid or solid medium. This is justified by the action of the electron trap using different polarities and electrodes in the range of 8 to 100 kV.