2019-05-29T02:43:08Z (GMT) by Jozanes Assunção Nunes

Abstract This article aims to analyze the reactions-responses of professors who belong to a Structuring Professoriate Group (Núcleo Docente Estruturante - NDE in its Portuguese acronym) from the Language Teacher Education Undergraduate Programs in a public university to the curricular flexibility discourse in official documents with powers to regulate teacher training courses. From the perspective of Bakhtin and the Circle’s Dialogical Discourse Analysis/Theory studies, it examines the National Education Board reports which present and underpin the National Curricular Guidelines for the Language Teacher Education Undergraduate programs and Teacher Training. It also has analyzed the NDE’s professors’ utterances, produced during the Language Teacher Education Undergraduate Programs, discussing the perspectives that are presented for teacher training from the flexibility concept. The dialogical analysis shows that the curricular flexibility ideology has not effectively consolidated in an effective way in the research subjects’ utterances.