Technological and organizational level of the production chain of cutting in buffaloes Maranhão state

ABSTRACT: The objective of this study was to establish the technological and organizational level of the production chain of cutting buffaloes in the State of Maranhão, researching the backgrounds of the producers, manufacturers and distributors and consumers in relation to aspects of production, technology, management, and acceptance of the buffaloes meat. We used the quantitative method for collection and analysis of secondary data, the method of qualitative and survey questionnaires. Analyses conducted on the basis of collected data allowed to determine some characteristics of this segment, such as quantitative buffaloes to cut, education level of farmers, size of the breeding area, division by animal category, type of operation, complementary activities of exploration, races, animal identification, breeding system, meat market, organization of production costs, usufruct of unions and cooperatives, the major problems in the creation, market expansion, comparative differences with cattle, meat consumption, and acceptance of meat consumption. We conclude that the productive chain cutting buffaloes in the State of Maranhão is in flux, which can be restructured through the contribution and commitment of all the links that make it up.