Textile biological sludge treatability and biogas production in UASB reactor under different temperatures

ABSTRACT The aim of this work was to evaluate the behavior of a laboratory-scale UASB reactor (16 L) in the treatment of textile biological sludge with biogas production, operating at different temperatures - 35 (mesophilic), 45 and 55ºC (thermophilic) -, with constant hydraulic retention time of 24 h. The UASB reactor was able to treat the textile sludge, being positively influenced by increasing temperature, with greater removals in thermophilic temperatures and high removal rates of all monitored physical and chemical parameters: chemical oxygen demand (COD) (97% at 45 and 55ºC), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) (95% at 45ºC and 94% at 55ºC), total phosphorus (P-total) (95% at 45 and 55ºC) and total nitrogen (N-total) (94% at 45 and 55ºC). As for biogas production and methane concentration, the highest values were observed at 45ºC. Based on the results, textile sludge treatability and biogas production in UASB are confirmed, with best performance at 45ºC.