Textual Artifact of Advertising: A Thrust of Halliday’s Mood System Resources

2019-08-28T02:42:43Z (GMT) by Taofeek O. Dalamu

ABSTRACT This paper argued that advertising contains variegated texts that theoretical terminologies are capable of exemplifying. Thus, ten beverage advertisements, among other types were chosen for analysis. Halliday’s mood exchange resources decomposed the texts into meaningful components, which were further calculated with tables and graphs. The calibration indicated that Complement (official milk, Uncle Thomas), Adjunct (with *826#, of Akwa Ibom), and Predicator (Dial, Drink) were dominant grammatical forms of semiosis sometimes appearing without the Subject and Finite elements. Moreover, the examination revealed exchanges initiated in the “interactions” as operating in the spheres of half-constitutive and half-ancillary organs that are significantly associated with socio-cultural norms. Prominent in the text were features of products, personal benefits and textual exaltations. Theoretical mediums, as this study suggests, would serve to uncover communication details to influence the authorities on advertising regulations.