The Amazon Ocular Oncology Center: The first three years

ABSTRACT Purpose: To evaluate the first three years of The Amazon Ocular Oncology Center, the first ocular cancer center in the North of Brazil. Methods: Here, we report patient information including patients’ age, gender, diagnosis, treatment, and city of origin. Results: Two hundred and twenty-one patients were included on this study: 160 (72%) patients came from the city of Manaus, 52 (24%) from other cities in Amazonas, and 9 (4%) from other states. Of the 221 patients, 150 (68%) were afflicted with benign lesions and the remaining 71 (32%) had malignant lesions. Benign diagnosis included pterygium, chalazium, conjunctival nevus, and papilloma, cataract, and retinal detachment. Of the malignant cases, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the conjunctiva was the most frequent with 43 cases (60%). Other diagnoses included choroidal melanoma (8 cases, 11%), retinoblastoma (7 cases, 9%), lymphomas (5 cases, 7%), basal cell carcinomas of the eyelid (4 cases, 5%), conjunctival melanoma (2 cases, 2%), and Kaposi sarcomas (1 case, 1%). Of the 43 patients with SCC, the mean age was 62 years old, and 30 (69%) were male; 29 patients (67%) were treated with an excisional biopsy, and 14 (33%) were treated with neoadjuvant topic chemotherapy, followed by surgery.