The Bridge Occlusion Balloon for Venous Angioplasty in Superior Vena Cava Occlusion

Abstract The Bridge Occlusion Balloon is a compliant balloon, specifically designed for temporary Superior vena cava occlusion in case of Superior Vena Cava laceration during lead extraction procedures. We here report the first case, using Bridge Occlusion Ballon for a venous angioplasty in a patient with dysfunctional pacemaker leads and symptomatic Superior Vena Cava occlusion. After successful lead extraction, venography was showing a narrow venous canal. Therefore, venous angioplasty using the Bridge balloon was performed. Especially for high-risk lead extraction cases in patients with Superior Vena Cava stenosis, the Bridge Occlusion Ballon might be used as a combination of a safety-net in case of Superior Vena Cava perforation and for Superior Vena Cava angioplasty.