The Collaborative Construction of the Act of Teaching: Impacts of the A World of Englishes Project in the Context of Initial Training

2019-08-28T02:41:10Z (GMT) by Alessandra da Silva Quadros-Zamboni

ABSTRACT This article aims to analyze four aspects related to the implementation of an initial English teacher training project: option for teaching and the project; impressions on the project; impacts of the project on future teachers in training; and what challenges are presented in terms of academic and professional education. The project was based on theoretical conceptions of language as discourse (BAKHTIN, 2010; JORDÃO; FOGAÇA, 2007), critical literacy (CERVETTI; PARDALES; DAMICO, 2001; MUSPRATT; LUKE; FREEBODY, 1997) and English as a lingua franca (DEWEY, 2012; EL KADRI, 2010; SEIDLHOFER, 2001). The analysis was based on data generated from questionnaires answered by the furure teachers who participate in the project. The results point to a mature vision about the profession and the teaching performance, increase in the self-esteem of the future teachers and development of strategies to overcome individual and collective difficulties.