The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Donganyellow Chicken and Its Phylogenetic Analyses

2019-04-24T02:41:32Z (GMT) by Q Lin GT Jiang YH Li HF Yan

ABSTRACT Donganyellow chicken (Gallus gallusdomesticus, DYC) is one of the famous native breeds of Hunan province in China. It is the first time that the complete mitochondrialgenome sequence of DYC was reported. The total length of the mtDNA is16, 786bp. It contains 22transfer RNA genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes,13 protein-coding genes and 1 D-loop region. The overall composition of the mtDNA is 30.27% for A, 23.74% for T, 32.50% for C and 13.49% for G. Phylogenetic analyses using N-J computational algorithms showed that the analyzed20Galliformes species are divided into three major clades: Phasianidae, Numidiidae and Odontophoridae. In addition, our work confirmed that DYCand Taoyuan chickenhave a closegenetic relationship with fellow tribal members Xuefeng black-boned chicken and Huang Lang chicken. This work will provide an important data set for the study in genetic mechanism of chicken in Hunan province.