The Deaths of Matheusa in the Estadão Newspaper: Intersectional Studies on Prejudice, Discrimination and Physical Violence Regarding Gender Diversity

ABSTRACT This article discusses the physical and symbolic deaths of Matheusa, a trans non-binary person, announced in a news article of O Estado de São Paulo in 2018. The theoretical background used is multidisciplinary, thus enabling the dialogue between sociology, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and AL. This a qualitative study, and the investigation methods come from the interpretive procedures of intersectional sociological studies and the instruments of CDA. The article is thus divided into five parts. After the introduction, the second part investigates intersectionality in gender/race studies. The third section investigates gender and homosexuality. Race and racism are the themes of the fourth section. Finally, discourse, media and ideology showcase how the other the deaths of Matheusa are presented discursively.