The Effect of Heat Treatment on Dynamic Strain Aging Behaviour of AISI H10 Hot Work Tool Steel

posted on 20.12.2017 by Demet Taştemur, Süleyman Gündüz

Dynamic strain aging (DSA) behaviour of hot work tool steel (H10) was investigated under as- received (AR) and as-quenched (AQ) conditions. Hot tensile test was carried out in the temperatures of 25°C-700°C at a strain rate of 1x10-3s-1. The tensile properties indicated that AQ samples showed an increase in yield strength (YS) and ultimate tensile strength (UTS) but a decrease in elongation at 200°C or 300°C consistent with DSA. However, AR samples revealed a decrease in YS and UTS for the same testing temperatures. This indicated the presence of less amount of free C or N in solution of AR samples. Further increase in the testing temperature has increased the elongation. It is believed that DSA occurs in H10 tool steel at different temperatures because of interaction between dislocations and interstitial solute atoms (C or N) or substitutional atoms (Cr or Mo).