The French model for migratory control management: an extension of the penal system

2018-05-16T02:59:31Z (GMT) by Natalia Debandi

Abstract This article follows from the doctoral thesis on the policies and practices of expulsion of migrants in France. First, the expulsion of foreigners is proposed as a security dispositif24 that is especially concentrated in one part of the population: migrants, classified as necessary or surplus according to the guidelines imposed by the market. This post-disciplinary mechanism can be seen as part of the penal system, combining with it mechanisms and modalities of intervention while disclaims bureaucratic and symbolic weight that it has acquired. This is seen for example with the transfer of the "public" of a mechanism to another, from prison to the centers, since the establishment of the deportation system but also through practices and countless points of contact. The French case is also noted as a model of migration management or emblem that presents distinctive properties or characteristics from other forms of management features.