The Open Government partnership as a platform for the advancement of Open Science in Brazil

Abstract Open Government and Open Science are converging movements, since research carried out in universities and government institutes generates a large amount of data, information and knowledge. As an emergent phenomenon, however, there is a gap in the literature with regards to Open Science and its impact on governmental research and development organizations. From this perspective, this paper aims to report the participative construction of a national commitment under the theme ‘Innovation and Open Government in Science’, proposed and committed to by Brazil in its 4th National Action Plan on Open Government. The methodology applied for the construction of this commitment was developed and executed by the Executive Group of the Inter-ministerial Committee responsible for the Open Government Partnership activities in the Country. The 4th National Action Plan of the Open Government Partnership was published in October 2018 and actions associated with it are in progress. Preliminary results show the instrumentality of the Open Government Partnership for the construction of a collaborative strategy in support of Open Science in Brazil, in which the main actors of the national scientific system participate.