The Precarious Mobilizers: social basis and fight for popular housing in the cities of Recife and Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE

2018-05-23T02:46:01Z (GMT) by Cleiton Ferreira da Silva

Abstract This article discusses the political-economic transformations triggered by the capitalism restructuring and its repercussion in urban spaces, essentially cities that are commonly transformed into places of strategic development, urban entrepreneurship and overlap extraction. These changes lead to social contradictions and inequality among classes, especially for a precarious and neglected population facing deprivation of essential elements. In this study, we refer to this population as Precarious Mobilizers. We analyzed the work of a homeless movement in the cities of Recife and Jaboatão dos Guararapes, evaluating the conjuncture of their social base (political, economic and social) and the political repercussion of these collective subjects in the conquest of the houses and in facing an exclusionary model. We used empirical monitoring of occupational nuclei in the aforementioned cities and questionnaires among the families that are part of the movement in question. The study describes their methods to fight inequality and characterize the families involved in the movement.