The Resgate Project: History and Archival Science (1982-2014)

2018-08-08T02:50:18Z (GMT) by Caio César Boschi

ABSTRACT The increasingly intense consultation of archive documents demands historians to have knowledge, even if elementary, of archival process and archival science, especially concerning the technical treatment of documental collections, most of all to avoid interpretative misunderstandings. Two of the basics of these areas - the provenance principle and the organicity principle - are considered here in the light of the Projeto Resgate “Barão do Rio Branco” trajectory, especially in the tasks of organizing, re-storing and microfilm and digital reproduction of its results concerning the group of documents under custody of the Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino, in Lisbon. From that point, these annotations also intend to subsidize discussions about future actions of that project.