The Use Of Team-Based Learning As An Evaluation Method On The Medicine Course

ABSTRACT Adult education presupposes the use of active teaching and learning methodologies that propose challenges to be overcome by students, with the teacher acting as facilitator and guiding the process. The objective of this study was to report the use of Team-Based Learning (TBL) as one of the methods used to evaluate students in the subject Teaching-Service interaction in the Community (IESC), of the Medicine Course. TBL was applied with two classes IESC classes. The experience gained through the application of TBL, instead of the traditional test, demonstrated some relevant aspects, for example: in the preparation, it is fundamental that the student is committed to studying the proposed topics; the use of application was an innovative strategy that motivated the academics to participate actively in the process; the performance of the team took precedence over individual performance. The concepts learned were put into practice in the IESC field classes, since they involve observation of real clinical cases in the Health Units and in the community, using the theoretical knowledge acquired, in the interventions. The application of TBL proved to be an efficient evaluation method in the IESC, which is based on the perspective of interaction and collaborative processes. The use of the technological resource as a tool sparked the students’ interest, minimizing the stress that usually occurs during the traditional assessment. It is important that health training courses provide a review, to ensure that traditional teaching practices are not given too much weight, at the expense of active learning practices.