The formation of Greater Buenos Aires (Argentina) analyzed trough land regulations and urban legislation (1910 and 1927)

2018-12-26T03:05:45Z (GMT) by Ana Gómez Pintus Noelia Fernández

Abstract This paper takes part of a broader investigation which main objective is to evaluate the impact of garden suburbs and week-end houses areas developed by private enterprises within Buenos Aires´ Metropolitan Area between 1910 and 1950. To look deeply into this matter implies considering, among other subjects, those problems related to land subdivisions and State regulations. From this perspective, we will seek into land regulations and urban laws affecting the area during the first half of the twentieth Century. The main objective is to focus on the formulation and implementation of those regulations, assuming that the chaotic sprawl of the area- as defined by the Comisión Asesora del GBA in 1947- is due not to the lack of regulations but, on the contrary, to its capacity to stick into everyday practice, difficulting any process of transformation or adaptation to new ways of sprawl.