The genus Olpidiopsis (Oomycota) in northeastern Brazil

Abstract Studies on the diversity of oomycetes were carried out from 1998 to 2016, in the states of Bahia, Maranhão and Piauí, and biotrophic holocarpic zoosporic parasites of chitrids, glomeromycetes and oomycetes were identified as Olpidiopsis achlyae, O. aphanomycis, O. fusiformis, O. karlingae, Olpidiopsis sp1 and Olpidiopsis sp2. The occurrence of O. karlingae is a new report for South America, and O. aphanomycis, for Brazil. The taxa found were described, illustrated, and commented. The diversity of terms of the specialized literature for identification of morphological structures of Olpidiopsis was standardized. Are proposed synonyms of O. braziliensis (= Pseudolpidium achlyae) with O. fusiformis and Cornumyces karlingae with O. karlingae.