The geology of Santa Angelica's intrusion: a new argument

The Santa Angelica's Intrusion (CISA), located in the southern Espírito Santo state, is one of the most important intrusion bodies of the G5 Supersuite (Araçuaí Orogen post-collisional stage). This is constituted by two gabbroic nucleus and a felsic border with a magma mingling zone and was emplaced into G1 Supersuite rocks (pre-collisional stage) and into rocks from the Bom Jesus do Itabapuana Group. The processes of physical and chemical dynamic of mafic and felsic magmatism of the CISA and the gneiss margin (G1 Supersuit) is studied herein. In order to do this, fieldwork, petrographic microscopic study, microprobe analysis and geochemical analyses were realized. The interpretation of this data resulted in a tectono-magmatic model that explains the structural control of the main deformation phases associated the G1 Supersuite's rocks and how they influenced the process of intrusion and shaping the CISA from regional shear zones. Was shown the magmatic differentiation process (fractional crystallization) involving the two gabbroic's nucleus of the G5 and the most important aspects of the magma mingling zone.