The historian and the research in history education

2019-05-15T02:48:03Z (GMT) by Maria Auxiliadora Schmidt

ABSTRACT One of the innovations in the field of research about History teaching is the foundation of investigations on philosophy and the theory of history, announcing a new paradigm for the nature of the research about the learning and teaching of History that has been denominated the field of History education. From these presuppositions, were taken as analysis objects 13 theses produced within the Postgraduate Program in Education at the Federal University of Paraná. They are indicative of investigations that have been carried out in Brazil and examples of this renovation. The analysis was based on epistemological, theoretical and technical criteria, supported by dialogue with the theory and philosophy of History from one side and methodological aspects of qualitative educational research on another side. Partial results indicate several issues to be taken into consideration, as to the learning of children and youths, whether in school or other learning environments. Furthermore, new investigative issues raised in this work were also highlighted.